Thứ Sáu, 12 tháng 5, 2017

My holiday in Nha Trang

   Hey, guys
   I'm in Nha Trang- the Pearl of the East Sea, with my family. Nha Trang is great. The scenery here is very beautiful, with the clear sky, the clean, blue sea with white sands and big waves. The weather here is quite OK- hot, dry and sunny, but it's pretty cool in the afternoon. A good place for everyone to enjoy the summer vacation!!!
   Now, I'm back in the hotel, after a long, great day. This morning, We got up and went to the beach early. It rained a little bit, but not very heavily. We walked along the beach, looked for some seashells and enjoy the sunrise. It was very beautiful. After that, we went back to the hotel, had breakfast and then went swimming. At lunch time, we went to a restaurant and ate seafood there. I love seafood, very delicious and good for health (And another thing, seafood is quite cheap in Nha Trang, so I can eat them without worry about the prize)
   After lunch, we went back to the hotel for a rest- slept a bit and watched TV. At about 3.00 pm, we visited Vinpearl Land. It's a big amusement park. We did a lot of things there. We played games, saw a 4D movie, went to the aquarium to saw some fish and sea animals. There are many kinds of them, but I like dolphins most, because they're lovely and intelligent. We came back to the hotel at 6.30 for dinner, and on our way back, dad bought some ice-cream for me and my brother. It was good!
   At 7.30 pm, we went to the night market. How exciting! It has a lot of things. We bought some seafood and fruit there, special the dry squid. We also bought some souvenirs for our relatives and our friends: some postcards, some key chains- which have a lot of different shapes, and I have some colorful bracelets and wind chimes, made by seashells. How lovely they look!!! Then, we went back to the hotel, watched TV and played cards for a while. I was quite lucky today- I won a lot!
   Tomorrow will be very interesting too! We are going to visit an island, so I'm going on a boat trip, for the first time!!! I'm sure it will be great. After that, we are going to go around the city and try the mud bath and the hot fountain here. In the afternoon, we are going to swim as usual.
  Time is going so fast. Just 3 more days and we have to fly home. What's a shame!!!
  OK, It's already 10.00 pm now, so I gotta go to bed. Bye!!!